I am Full Stack Developer, Mentor, data-driven with strong skills in Ruby on Rails, Node, React that since the first contact delivers value to your business. I understand that money and time are precious, then I build solutions fast, scalable with quality.

I have been developing software building software for Platform Ecommerce, Payment Gateway, Bank, Government, and too small projects in other segments. In past, I had the opportunity of being selected to incubate on University of reference in Brazil to build a project of the startup.

2018, I also won the second prize at Hackathon of my Company, creating App that solved problems and had many integrations with API Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and our gateway payment.

2016, I participated voluntarily and won the second place in an innovation on the company that I work, building with Ruby on Rails and Javascript the solution that benefited in 88% the flow of work hundreds of customers and the internal teams of the company.

Thank you for interest and I look forward to talk with you ;) vinicius@torves.com



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